Tim McCarver mocks Locks Of Love

As if Joe Buck and Tim McCarver didn’t already make every baseball game they broadcast together unwatchable.

Most people have heard of Locks Of Love. Lots of people have donated hair to the charity. I have. For those who have not heard of it, Locks of Love is a charity that makes wigs out of donated hair for children who have lost theirs due to cancer treatments or other medical reasons.

Tim McCarver however might be one of the few that have not heard of this wonderful charity. Upon hearing that you can actually donate hair to a charity, he laughs. Then he ponders how much “business” the charity does. Have a listen - 

Oh its ok though, he offers up an apology shortly after

I’m not one to make a big issue out of things, but I mean, cmon. Even if you didn’t know about the charity, after being told that there is one, you’re initial reaction is to laugh? And then wonder how much “business” they do? Idiot.

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